Be Compliant with the Executive Order to Improve the Nation’s Cybersecurity.

EO 14028 — Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity

  • Public and private threat sharing – Trinity Cyber offers a unique opportunity for agencies to share threat information without compromising sensitive information.
  • Modernize and improve security – Trinity Cyber’s technology is the first to deeply inspect and edit full session Internet traffic – at line rate speed and in both directions –to remove or alter hacking techniques.
  • Improve supply chain security – Trinity Cyber offers unique out-of-band management, completely managed service, and ground-up developed software provide the ultimate in supply chain protection.
  • Improve incident detection – Trinity Cyber is true threat detection and automated prevention.
  • Improve investigation and remediation – Trinity Cyber remediates the threats in real-time reducing alert fatigue and backlog.
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Learn More About Each Mandate

Trinity Cyber EO 14028 Compliance


Removing Barriers to Sharing Threat Information

  • Collect and preserve data, information, and reporting relevant to cybersecurity event prevention, detection, response
  • Share data, information, and reporting, as they relate to cyber incidents or potential incidents relevant to any agency
  • Monitor networks for threats


Enhancing Software Supply Chain Security

  • Monitor operations / alert and respond to attempted and actual cyber incidents
  • Employ automated tools that check for known and potential vulnerabilities and remediate them


Improving Detection of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities & Incidents on Federal Government Networks

  • Maximize the early detection of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents on its networks
  • Perform 1) proactive detection of cybersecurity incidents within Federal Government infrastructure, 2) active cyber hunting, 3) containment and remediation, and 4) incident response
  • Mission-critical systems are not disrupted


Improving the Federal Government’s Investigative and Remediation Capabilities

  • All network and incident data is logged, protected and available to Federal Government automatically

"Trinity Cyber’s profound technical breakthrough is designed expressly to 'shift the advantage to the defenders.' I and the Trinity Cyber team are delighted that the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy recognizes that as the core goal for our country."

Thomas P. Bossert, President at Trinity Cyber, Inc.

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