Trinity Cyber’s Capability Provides Breakthrough Protection for Technology Organizations

Trinity Cyber protects technology organizations both large and small. A major attack could impact a wide range of individuals and businesses, as this industry serves as the backbone of virtually every service and product that we depend upon every day: our laptops and phones; the Internet of Things (IoT)-connected appliances in our homes; the portals we rely upon for our personal healthcare tracking, banking, and investing.

Technology companies stand out as appealing targets for cyber threats. Recent research reveals why these organizations need Trinity Cyber’s game-changing technology:

  • In the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the professional services sector - which includes technology - ranks #4 for breaches, with 421 in the most recent year. Only governments, financial institutions, and healthcare providers have experienced more breaches.

  • According to IBM, the average cost of a technology industry breach now stands at $4.66 million, compared to $4.45 million for industries across-the-board.




Trinity Cyber understands that technology companies can’t afford to suffer a breach – there’s too much at stake with regard to their customers’ business continuity, sensitive data, and brand reputation. That’s why Trinity Cyber developed a profoundly effective set of new security capabilities that defeat cyber criminals.

The Trinity Cyber technology establishes a revolutionary level of proactive defense that gets ahead of attacks, as opposed to simply reacting like the “detective” solutions offered by competitors. It delivers full-content inspection and mitigation on live internet traffic, combining an extremely accurate form of detection with never before possible active inline prevention.

This new technology does not rely on ever-changing indicators of compromise, nor does it contain itself to bytes and packets. Instead, it opens and fully inspects network traffic to seek out and find actual malicious content. It identifies threats, hacker tactics, and hacking procedures, and it does so more accurately and reliably than any other network security control in existence. It also neutralizes malware and remote-code exploits – and disrupts command and control (C2) – by live editing corrupt network traffic. The upshot: It has proven that it is going where no other solution can go.

That’s because it is the first to open, examine, edit, and rebuild internet traffic out to the application layer inline. The subsequent rapid and precise session inspection and editing leads to real-time detection and response, dramatically enhancing security while greatly reducing noise, false positives, and additional customer pain points. Instead of drowning in alerts, Trinity Cyber’s customers in the technology industry stay ahead of the attackers.

"We have invented the new essential."

-- Steve Ryan, Founder & CEO

Trinity Cyber’s customers benefit from:

  • Superior threat mitigation with capabilities far beyond blocking and alerting
  • Automated vulnerability migitation
  • Reduced alert fatigue/false positives
  • Zero third-party supply chain risk

With this, these customers pursue day-to-day demands and ongoing innovations with complete confidence that their systems and digital assets are well-fortified with:

  • Less risk. Less risk of getting hacked. Less risk of losing data. And less compliance risk.
  • Speed. The Trinity Cyber technology completes the entire detection, response, and remediation cycle in a single real-time movement.
  • Accuracy. Because the technology is more accurate – often by 1000x – than any other network control, security teams waste less time.
  • Ease-of-implementation. Get it going in three simple steps: Make Trinity Cyber your path to the internet; accept or install a Trinity Cyber certificate; and log into the portal to watch the Trinity Cyber capability protect your network like no other company can.


Trinity Cyber recognizes that technology companies should be able to focus on supporting customers without interruptions or data losses, while always seeking the next great breakthrough. We allow them to do this with absolute confidence in the security of their networks.

If you’re not fully inspecting your traffic before it enters or leaves your enterprise, then you’re not doing everything you can to protect your network and your customers. 


Contact us today to learn more about the ways Trinity Cyber can protect your clients and your network.