Our Profound Difference

  • Trinity Cyber has redefined the industry with the biggest innovation in 20 years
  • It detects better, is 1,000x more accurate, and defeats hacker tools and TTPs inline
  • It is the solution to an industry overly dependent on detective controls and over-optimized for incident response
  • Alert and respond is too passive, doesn't scale, is drowning the industry in mounting expenses and it isn't working
  • Trinity Cyber is proactive, scales, and it tips the scales in favor of the defender

David Bianco’s "Pyramid of Pain" is often depicted to show which indicators are the most valuable for security teams. Trinity Cyber detects and prevents the indicators at the top of the pyramid. We are truly a game changer. 

"We have invented the new essential."

-- Steve Ryan, Founder & CEO

Trinity Cyber redefined what’s possible at the network edge. The company invented the ability to perform Full Content Inspection and Mitigation on live internet traffic. It can open, scan, apply a mitigation action, and rebuild full-session internet traffic (protocol fields and files) in both directions, inline, and in context to mitigate actual threat content before it becomes an incident or loss.


It works better and saves you significant work. The company runs a high availability, fully managed cybersecurity detection and prevention operation as a service. You get clean traffic, with reports not alerts. It radically reduces risk, alert fatigue, and false positives. It outperforms and replaces (or complements) every SASE solution on the market, especially SWGs, WAFs, and IPSs.

An easy, affordable subscription that accommodates all budgets and business sizes. Trinity Cyber sells in four subscription tiers. Unlimited seats for enhancing or replacing your SWG with a forward proxy to Trinity Cyber. Unlimited domains for enhancing or replacing your WAF with a reverse proxy to Trinity Cyber. Internet gateway security that matches usage with IPSec tunnels or data center cross connects to Trinity Cyber. Only pay for what you use. The annoying price models have died along with the old technologies that Trinity Cyber replaces. Pick as many connection options as necessary to add security at every point that connects to the internet. Then watch as the Trinity Cyber team and technologies go to work for you.



Trinity Cyber believes innovation was necessary and that collective defense required the creation of new technological capabilities. Defense must be easier, cheaper and more scalable than offense for affordable security to exist. Security requires prevention, not passive resilience and faster incident response.

Trinity Cyber has developed a centralized brain with a decentralized deployment model that sits in the fabric of the internet. The company centralizes the operations of its highly advanced cybersecurity capabilities and delivers them at scale as a fully managed technology-enabled service that can actively remove or disable malicious content from internet traffic. Trinity Cyber can share real-time security outcomes with its largest and its smallest customers at the same time.

Trinity Cyber does not discover and share indicators of compromise like the rest of the industry. It shares enduring preventive controls. It discovers and defeats the bedrock vulnerabilities and exploits in the content of network traffic, whether it is in a new, never before seen file or sub-object within a file, or inside a protocol field, or from a trusted domain or clean IP address.



Discover pure value. 

  • Faster. Trinity Cyber completes the entire detection, response, and remediation cycle in one, real-time movement, with a higher accuracy rate—meaning less wasted time
  • Easier. Trinity Cyber allows its customers to achieve their desired result with less effort. Trinity Cyber delivers its technology, its professional services, and its results as a fully-managed service—meaning less work
  • Less risk. Trinity Cyber reduces three forms of risk; the risk of being hacked, the risk of losing data through third party supply chain vulnerabilities, and compliance risk—meaning more security

Trinity Cyber unlocks massive value by reducing friction between its customers and their desired results.


How is Trinity Cyber’s offering different?

  • It outperforms and replaces every Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution on the market.
  • They guess using algorithms and indicators of compromise, and then alert the customer. This is a detective control that is often inaccurate and that necessitates costly incident response work. Trinity Cyber looks for, finds, and removes the actual malicious content within internet traffic. It is highly accurate, active, preventive control. And it is disrupting the industry.  
  • It sits outside the internet, above it in a private cloud, inspecting and removing threats for every internet session it receives. It is powerful new technology and an effective new approach that produced more accurate detection and more valuable, automated prevention.
  • Full Content Inspection and Mitigation introduces a preventive control into a market dominated by detective controls that feed costly, manpower intensive response operations
  • By looking for the actual threat conditions and not indicators of compromise, the capability achieves more accurate detection with a false detection rate of less than 1 percent (current industry hovers around 33%)
  • By modifying or removing the threat conditions from network traffic, the capability delivers automated prevention instead of alerts that require resource intensive incident response and remediation work (early estimates suggest the Trinity Cyber approach will reduce cybersecurity spending by more than 50 percent)
  • By doing all this so quickly and accurately on live traffic, it does not disrupt business continuity with blocked traffic, massive volumes of alerts, or reliance on workforce training programs.
  • The capability is operated by a highly skilled workforce and it is centrally maintained and delivered as a fully managed service with an easy and affordable billing model—making it attainable for all customers to have a sophisticated, highly advanced solution capable of taking on foreign governments and their proxy hacking groups.
  • As it scales and the market adopts it more broadly, the business model will allow Trinity Cyber to share positive security outcomes, not stale intelligence. A hacker technique or zero day exploit found on a small college network produces a preventive control that protects the largest customer, and vice versa. We cannot just talk about collective defense, we must enable it with innovative new capabilities.
  • Our goal is to be the trusted third-party to every internet session, making cybersecurity achievable and affordable again.
  • It leads to fundamentally important outcomes desperately needed in the cybersecurity industry:
    1. 1) Profoundly better, more accurate, and more enduring detection (by finding the actual exploitive conditions or techniques in the protocol field or file, not looking for indicators or applying algorithms). Our false positive rate is less than 1% -- while other market leading network vendors average almost 30%.
    2. 2) The ability to do something meaningful and discrete with threats before they enter or leave a network. It is the first of its kind automated, highly effective preventive control -- that means less risk and less work.
    3. 3) A fully managed service that puts an elite team with an advanced new technology to work on your network -- that means less money.
  • Trinity Cyber runs a high-availability cybersecurity countermeasure capability as a service and triages all events as a service. You get clean traffic and less noise. It radically reduces risk and false positives.
  • We are not a secure web gateway, web application firewall, or intrusion prevention system, but we outperform and replace every SWG, WAF, and IPS on the market.
  • We accommodate all budgets and risk appetites. Trinity Cyber sells in subscription tiers. The annoying price models have died along with the old technologies that Trinity Cyber replaces. Unlimited seats for your SWG. Unlimited domains for your WAF. Internet gateway security that matches your usage. Put Trinity Cyber in your path to the internet. Pick as many connection options as you need. Only pay for what you use. Pick your tier and pay the price you see plus an additional consumption fee if applicable.

Defend Better Today.