SINET 16 Award

Steve Ryan, CEO

Trinity Cyber

Hear our CEO & founder provide an overview of the Trinity Cyber value proposition in this award finalist presentation. Steve delivers great insight into why Trinity Cyber is the most profound technological breakthrough in network security technology in the last 20 years.

Customer Testimonial

Wayne Porter, Owner

Allegany Computer Services

Hear Wayne discuss how Trinity Cyber benefits his MSP business, including quotes such as, "What your service actually does at line speed didn't exist. I said 'show me' and you did. This is the real deal. I've sold my clients a lot of stuff over the years, now I'm telling them throw it all away and get this."

Fed Gov Today, October 1, 2023

Steve Ryan, CEO

Trinity Cyber

Our CEO & founder, Steve Ryan, joined Francis Rose to discuss the National Cybersecurity Strategy as it celebrated its six-month anniversary, and the Federal Zero Trust Strategy that turned two years old in January 2024. Steve discusses the challenges agencies are facing and how to meet them.


Trinity Cyber and F5— Nation State Level Cyber Attacks – Are you Ready?

In this webinar, CEO Steve Ryan and F5 Labs Threat Research Evangelist Sander Vinberg discuss nation-state level threats and the technology required to defeat them.

Business Spotlight: Trinity Cyber

Steve Ryan, CEO

Trinity Cyber

Our CEO & founder, Steve Ryan, sits down with Larry Hentz, Executive Director of Business Development for the Prince George's County Economic Development Corporation. Steve discusses his background at the National Security Agency (NSA) and his vision for founding Trinity Cyber.

SC Media

Jeremy Brown, VP of Threat Analysis

Next Gen Tech: Most Promising Areas of Emerging Technology and Innovation in Cyber

As adversaries evolve their technique, so must the cyber industry. SC Media speaks to cybersecurity leaders, and SC Award recipients, about the most compelling areas of technology for ensuring the protection of sensitive data and networks.