Trinity Cyber introduces a technological breakthrough that, for the first time ever, allows you to inspect and modify fully assembled session level network traffic in real time. We call this capability Full Content Inspection. The Trinity Cyber service produces the best detection results and prevention controls on the market. It is finally time to replace your IPS, SWG, WAF, and Browser Isolation solutions with a more effective capability and a new, superior approach to cybersecurity.


In this demo we illustrate how Trinity Cyber allows you to query full network traffic with PCAP Export; a tool that enables both threat hunting and network troubleshooting teams with industry-standard Berkley Packet Filter (BPF) syntax, filtering options, and a 72 hour retroactive timeframe. 

PDF Lure Demo

In this demo, we'll illustrate how Trinity Cyber mitigates a PDF lure phishing exploit.

Magecart Demo

In this demo, we illustrate how Trinity Cyber mitigates Magecart, where a threat actor uses payment card skimming techniques by focusing on insecure e-commerce websites.