The Revolutionary Trinity Cyber Capability Enables Utility Operators to Defend Against the Most Sophisticated Cyber Attacks and APTs

Trinity Cyber protects large and small utility companies in the electric, gas, and water sectors—and our footprint is growing fast. We know what it means to defend the most critical networks in the world.

No longer just a fear, citizens today are feeling the real-world impact of cyber attacks targeting utilities and other critical infrastructure. The reality is that critical infrastructure and utility operators are a prime target for both cybercriminals and nation-state adversaries seeking to disrupt public safety, health, and economic prosperity. 

Government agencies worldwide have warned that critical infrastructure providers remain at increased risk of attack due to escalating geopolitical events.

  • According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the average number of cyberattacks on utilities has risen to well over 1,000 per weekmore than doubling the number of attacks in 2020.
  • As part of its Pre-Ransomware Notification Initiative, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) conducted more than 1,200 pre-ransomware notifications including seven (7) Water and Wastewater sector entities, 17 Energy sector entities, 20 Transportation System sector entities, and 39 U.S. Emergency Services sector entities.
  • The stakes are high, with IBM reporting the average cost of these breaches now exceeding $5 million per incident, or $1.26 million more than other industries. And those costs don’t even begin to address the potential life-threatening consequences of a successful takedown of a grid, dam, transport system, nuclear reactor, etc.



"We have invented the new essential."

-- Steve Ryan, Founder & CEO

Trinity Cyber works closely with critical infrastructure and utility operators to ensure their systems are fortified with its powerful new capability.

How so? By opening and fully inspecting network traffic—not bytes and packets—to more accurately and reliably identify threats, tactics, and procedures - which no other network solution can do - and actively neutralizing malware and exploits, and interfering with command and control (C2).

Trinity Cyber developed the first technology capable of opening, examining, editing, and rebuilding internet traffic out to the application layer inline. The company is introducing to the market full content inspection and control. It is a gamechanger. It exposes and thwarts actual threat content with an average processing speed of less than a single millisecond. Such fast and precise session inspection and editing delivers real-time detection and response, dramatically enhancing security while greatly reducing noise, false positives, and customer burden - not to mention a significant increase in real security. This system produces preventive results, not alerts. 


"Thousands of residents, businesses and organizations across counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland rely on us for power and energy. Trinity Cyber has made it very simple for us to deploy, use, and configure their powerful protection and threat mitigation capabilities.

And because Trinity Cyber’s service is fully managed and operated by their experts, we’ve been able to set it and forget it knowing that our cybersecurity protections will adapt and evolve as needed keeping our customers and critical infrastructure safe."


Gary Gindlesperger, IT Manager

Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.


Trinity Cyber empowers utilities and other critical infrastructure operators to protect themselves against even the most sophisticated attacks with:

  • Optimal threat mitigation that goes far beyond blocking and alerting
  • Automated vulnerability mitigation
  • Reduced alert fatigue/false positives
  • No third-party supply chain risk


At Trinity Cyber, we like to say that we do uncommon things in a sea of common solutions. What does this mean for our critical infrastructure and utility customers?

  • Less risk. Less risk of getting hacked. Less risk of losing data. And, less compliance risk.
  • Speed. A fully managed, powerful new capability that completes the entire detection, response, and remediation cycle in a single real-time movement
  • Accuracy. A higher detection accuracy rate, often by 1,000x, than any other network security control - meaning less wasted time
  • Ease-of-implementation. As easy as 1, 2, 3. Step 1: choose any connection option or options to make Trinity Cyber your path to the internet. Step 2: accept or install a Trinity Cyber certificate. Step 3: log into the portal. The capability and event triage are fully-managed services. This translates to much less work for security teams. 



Trinity Cyber protects critical infrastructure operators so they can support their customers with a new level of confidence.

If you’re not fully inspecting your network traffic before it enters or leaves your enterprise, then you’re not doing everything you can to protect your network.


Contact us today to learn more about the ways Trinity Cyber can protect your clients and your network.