Protect Every Path to the Internet

Trinity Cyber redefined what’s possible at the network edge, with the first ever technology that can fully open, deeply scan, treat, and rebuild full-session Internet traffic (protocol fields and files) in both directions to expose and mitigate actual threat content before it becomes an incident. In essence, Trinity Cyber runs high-availability, real-time cybersecurity countermeasure operations as a service. It’s an entirely new approach with a powerful new technology that works better and is not reliant on indicators of compromise like hashes. The new capability produces (1) profoundly better, more accurate, and more enduring detection, (2) the ability to disable or remove threats before they enter or leave your network, and (3) less noise.

To get this new service, put Trinity Cyber at every place your enterprise connects to the open Internet. Pick every connection option you need. You pay on total consumption, not on connection types, bandwidth, or seats. Our tech replaces everything you know about network security, and we are killing the annoying pricing models, too. 


World Class Professional Services Included

This new technology is not only enhanced by our professional services team, it also empowers them to detect and mitigate new threats in ways that no other provider can match. The Trinity Cyber team runs and maintains its technologies as a service, triages events, and reduces your workload and risk. 


Explore How it All Works and Learn your Connection Options

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