See what's happening on the network. Right now.

Explore the Activity Tab to see all of the threats Trinity Cyber is detecting and preventing on your network traffic in real time. Trinity Cyber cuts the noise with pre-triaged events in the Activity Tab that are presented to you with high fidelity and context. Customize the entire view to your liking with columns showing the network access, threat direction, network protocol, event counts, and more. A full search bar with syntax auto-complete enables flexible searching through prevented threats; by MITRE ATT&CK, CVE, Formula Names, HTTP metadata, IP Addresses, and other relevant search terms. From the Activity Tab, security teams can pivot into the exact details of any mitigated event(s) with one click. Looking for raw data? No problem. The Activity Tab offers a simple CSV export via the "Export" button. It's your window into the realtime network action.