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Similarity Brings Your Threat Hunting to the Next Level

November 25 at 10 AM ET

Join TrendMicro, Trinity Cyber and VirusTotal in this workshop where you will learn how similarity is one of the most powerful tools when it comes to threat analysis, greatly speeding up your research, helping avoid some of the tricks used by attackers to avoid being detected, giving you a more complete overview of malicious campaigns and allowing further pivoting and discovering artifacts from your adversaries. We will present you the most recent similarity algorithms, why they are relevant, and how to use them in real case scenarios you can leverage in your daily security investigations.

Surviving a Zombie Botnet Apocalypse

Diversity & Opportunity Workshop at Bowie State University

Surviving a Zombie Botnet Apocalypse: Blocking May Not Be Your Best Defense

October 2728, 2020

Stephanie Harrison and Skylar Jolliffe presented at a mentor workshop hosted by Bowie State University's Computer Science Department.


Columbia University Course

Guest Lecture: Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering

November 5, 2020

Jeremy Brown delivered a guest lecture on altering Malware Command & Control (C2) using real examples from a family of malware known as ROCKEYE or BISTROMATH. He discussed alternatives to simple network blocking defense, and showed that altering and dropping network traffic are critical to controlling the outcome of a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) infection in favor of defenders.

Find a Better Way to Secure Your Business

Learn how you can boost your cybersecurity with the most innovative, active threat prevention solution on the market.