Trinity Cyber Helps Federal Agencies Comply With the Biden Administration's Executive Order on Cybersecurity

On May 12, 2021, the Biden Administration issued an executive order on improving the nation's cybersecurity. Trinity Cyber delivers powerful technology that can protect federal agencies from the threats highlighted in the Biden Administration's executive order on cybersecurity.

How We Are Uniquely Positioned to Assist Agencies in Addressing the Executive Order

Zero Trust

  • Trinity Cyber advances Zero Trust initiatives allowing organizations to manage their network security under the assumption everything entering their environment is already compromised.
  • Our game-changing technology identifies and removes malicious tactics and content from your Internet traffic before it infiltrates your network with powerful, automated responses beyond block/alert.
  • We not only detect and neutralize individual attacks, we also uncover the strategies and methods used by the attackers.

Hunting Capability

  • In addition to our active sensor, Trinity Cyber performs continuous, passive, deep content threat hunting and detection on network traffic – beyond log entry.
  • Threat hunting is foundational to our threat discovery capabilities. Our service comes with a team of analysts and malware reverse engineers that develop and deploy customized active formulas to efficiently expose and neutralize threats.
  • Our team continuously monitors network traffic to uncover and disrupt the strategies and methods used by attackers.
  • Our continuous approach to threat hunting and monitoring is vital to the creation of the formulas we employ to protect your enterprise.

Code Security Assurance

  • Internet traffic protected by the Trinity Cyber solution is moved through our infrastructure at Internet Layer 2.
  • All our code development, command and control, and storage/processing of client-specific (or derived) data occurs on a private, self-hosted, out-of-band network with all transport CNSA/Suite B encrypted.
  • Through this approach, we reduce the risk of third-party supply chain compromise, decrease the potential risk of attacks, and minimize potential corruption or vulnerabilities caused by an insecure code base.

Risk Scoring of Software

  • Trinity Cyber writes and deploys its own code on a segregated network.
  • We take secure coding seriously and apply stringent secure coding principles, techniques, and processes into all offerings we produce.
  • A few examples of our rigorous code quality practices include automated static and dynamic code quality tools enforcing defensive coding standards and a robust peer review before code merges.

A Better Way to Secure Your Agency

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