Why Choose Trinity Cyber?

Automated Bi-Directional Preventive Control

The Revolutionary Trinity Cyber Engine

Cybersecurity breaches and attacks can be crippling for an organization's operations. Protecting users, data and infrastructure requires a fundamentally different approach in today's cybersecurity environment. Existing technologies do not provide the depth, context, and accuracy at the speed needed to prevent threats inline. They produce alerts based on inferences, and they struggle to expose and prevent threats where they actually exist - deep within the content of network sessions. They also lack the ability to operationalize rich contextual information about adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), vitally important information to mitigate, defeat and prevent cyber attacks.

Trinity Cyber has the answer. To protect customers against cyber attacks, we "See More, Do More and Stop More." Trinity Cyber invented and patented a breakthrough technology called the Trinity Cyber Engine. It is the first technology that can deeply inspect full session Internet traffic in both directions to expose and mitigate threat content inline. The Trinity Cyber Engine is specifically tuned to defeat attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), which is key to defeating and preventing modern cyber threats. It does not rely on indicators of compromise (IOC), pattern matching or other traditional methods for threat detection, nor does it sacrifice depth and accuracy for speed. It is unique in its ability to deeply inspect and transform Internet traffic, at line speed and in both directions, to remove or alter hacking techniques.

This revolutionary technology's capabilities are available through two service lines. For our TC:Edge service line, the patented Trinity Cyber Engine deeply inspects Internet traffic and removes exploits and malware inline or transforms them to prevent them from functioning - in both directions, and with sub-millisecond latency. Fully automated and faster than the blink of an eye, TC:Edge protects customers from entire classes of malware, ransomware, command and control (C2), remote code exploits (RCE), phishing, drive-by-downloads, and in-the-wild malicious threats and techniques that are commonly missed by traditional IPS and SWG.

With the TC:File service line, the Trinity Cyber Engine detects maliciousness and vulnerabilities within files to identify anything from ransomware to remote access trojans. Its sophisticated inspection capabilities reveal malicious content deep within file content that others miss, delivering sub-second verdicts on file maliciousness with incredible accuracy.

Exposes File-based Threats
Superior Speed and Accuracy

To protect customers from file-based threats that often begin with corrupted files, the TC:File service line, powered by the Trinity Cyber Engine, uncovers and detects file exploits, malware and obfuscation techniques within files at incredible speed, accuracy and scale. It detects malicious threats deep within files that others miss and produces sub-second verdicts on malicious files, highly valuable metadata for every parsed sub object, a parsing view of the file for forensics, and rich threat intelligence information. It is a faster, more cost effective and more precise alternative to sandboxes, CDR and post-incident forensic tools.

The Trinity Cyber Engine's highly advanced inspection capabilities detect and reveal file exploits, malware and obfuscation techniques used by attackers in specific files and does not rely upon indicators as others do. It provides advanced rapid threat detection, threat intelligence, context, and forensic parsing capabilities and is tuned to defeat cybercriminal tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used in file-based attacks.

Superior Detection Finds Threats Others Miss

Traditional security technologies are known to struggle exposing and preventing threats where they actually exist - deep within the content of network sessions. In addition, they lack the ability to operationalize rich contextual information about adversary tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Attackers often utilize techniques such as obfuscation, encoding and complexity within files and protocols as part of their attack, or they may swap the IP address or domain they are using. These techniques help them successfully penetrate their target's infrastructure.

The TC:Edge service line, built upon the Trinity Cyber Engine, delivers the modern approach to threat identification and detection. Its revolutionary and patented technology does not rely upon pattern matching or indicators of compromise (IOCs) to detect and identify attacks and attacker TTPs. It can overcome attacker obfuscation techniques that often cause other security technologies to miss threats and malicious content hidden deeply within Internet protocols, files and sub objects. The Trinity Cyber Engine's deep, contextual level of inspection, performed in mere fractions of a millisecond, reveals the attacker TTPs, specific threats, obfuscation, CVEs, and other content critical to not just alerting but neutralizing the attack.

Automated, Preventive Control

Beyond Block and Alert

To deliver truly automated threat mitigation and prevention on all network traffic, Trinity Cyber invented automated preventive controls that act precisely on cybercriminal tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), threats and malware. By leveraging the Trinity Cyber Engine, the powerful actions we employ in our TC:Edge service line are far more sophisticated and enduring than traditional block and alert. The Trinity Cyber Engine can automatically modify, remove and replace malware payloads, Command and Control (C2) traffic, entire files, and code strings within files and protocol fields. All detection and automated actions are executed with an average latency of < 1ms and with a near zero false positive rate. Once the corrupted traffic has been treated, the cleaned traffic then completes its path to its destination.

TC:Edge's unrivaled automated, preventive controls replace the security components of today's Security Service Edge (SSE) and deliver the automated threat detection, mitigation and prevention required to defeat sophisticated threats.

Dramatically Reduce Incident Response Operations and Costs

Traditional security technologies are often developed from legacy technologies that are ill-equipped to detect, mitigate and prevent today’s sophisticated threats, and SOC teams are being stretched as they work diligently to address an overwhelming number of alarms, alerts and incident response activities.

Trinity Cyber’s TC:Edge service line dramatically reduces incident response workloads by identifying, defeating and preventing threats before they require incident response. Built upon the Trinity Cyber Engine's deep session inspection and automated preventive control capabilities, it detects, mitigates and prevents threats before they require incident response. Problems are stopped before they occur in less than a millisecond with a near zero False Positive Rate, dramatically reducing alarms, alerts and incident response.

Since many cyberattacks that trigger incident response start from file-based threats, our TC:File service line provides ultra-fast and hyper-accurate file verdicts to reveal file-based threats that are often undetected and help analysts work more efficiently. TC:File's foundation is the Trinity Cyber Engine, so it detects and reveals the file exploits, malware and obfuscation techniques used by attackers. It also provide tagging information which labels and categorizes the malicious threat discovered as well as additional metadata on every file that we parse.

In addition, both TC:File and TC:Edge are managed services supported by Trinity Cyber's 24/7 operations and backed by an advanced threat hunting team made up of the finest cybersecurity experts in the industry. Together, the Trinity Cyber team's skills, expertise and efforts dramatically reduce our customer's incident response workload.

Experienced Team of Cybersecurity Experts

Trinity Cyber's TC:Edge and TC:File service lines were developed and are managed by the best cybersecurity professionals in the industry. Our team of experts have decades of experience managing and operating the most sensitive and demanding networks in the public and private sectors. Our experts reduce strain on the SOC teams and extend the capabilities of our customers by performing advanced threat hunting while managing and operating our cutting-edge automated, preventive control technology to detect, mitigate, defeat, and prevent cyber threats. As a result, users, data and infrastructure stay protected and benefit from the skills, dedication and talents of the Trinity Cyber team.

Fully Managed Subscription Service Lines

Because Trinity Cyber's service lines are offered to customers as subscription-based fully managed services, customers benefit from fast, streamlined service deployment, 24/7 operated and managed protection services and a reduced cybersecurity-related workload. We apply our decades of cybersecurity skills and experience amassed from designing, operating, and managing the most sensitive and demanding networks imaginable to defeat cyber threats and protect our customers. Our deep expertise configuring, operating, optimizing, and enhancing the revolutionary Trinity Cyber Engine benefits all of our customers and is a key reason why Trinity Cyber's fully managed subscription service lines deliver such impressive results. 

Redefining Cybersecurity

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