Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Security Directives for Surface Transportation Operators

TSA Required Actions

TSA recently announced two important Security Directives for surface transportation owners and operators, including higher-risk freight railroads, passenger rail and rail transit. TSA has determined that these requirements need to be addressed immediately to protect transportation infrastructure.

These Security Directives require owners and operators to:

  1. Designate a cybersecurity coordinator
  2. Report cybersecurity incidents to CISA within 24 hours
  3. Develop and implement a cybersecurity incident response plan to reduce the risk of an operational disruption
  4. Complete a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment to identify potential gaps or vulnerabilities in their systems. 

 Importantly, TSA also recommends that all other lower-risk surface transportation   owners and operators voluntarily implement these same measures.

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Trinity Cyber’s Innovative Technology Accelerates Compliance


Trinity Cyber has invented a breakthrough technology called the Trident Security Engine that can accelerate compliance with the second, third and fourth TSA Security Directive requirements. It also dramatically improves security by uniting unparalleled detection accuracy and automated response and mitigation controls. Importantly, the technology also virtually patches against vulnerabilities and delivery techniques of the greatest concern to CISA. When placed at the customer’s network edge, it is the most functional, most secure gateway to the Internet ever invented. Trinity Cyber’s innovative threat prevention platform protects customers against attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) – including ransomware, Log4j exploits and the exploitation of CVEs – to keep surface transportation information and operational systems functioning and secure.

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