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A Fundamentally New Approach

The cybersecurity industry is over optimized for incident response. Security teams are drowning in alert fatigue, incident response workloads and high volumes of false positives. The cybersecurity workforce is experiencing high stress and burnout, with many professionals contemplating leaving the industry altogether.

Trinity Cyber invented a new approach that overcomes these challenges with better security, virtual vulnerability mitigation, reduced alert fatigue and lower false positives. We outperform traditional network security solutions which are still relying on secure web gateways, web application firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, browser isolation and data protection.


The Trinity Cyber Engine Powers Multiple Service Lines

The Trinity Cyber Engine parses files at high speed with high accuracy. We run our engine as a cloud service to speed deployment, simplify operational management and save customers time and money. Our revolutionary engine powers multiple service lines:

Solving the Biggest Customer Challenges

Why are traditional security products failing to protect my organization?

Traditional security products rely upon known detection approaches such as IOCs, signatures, and pattern matching. Attackers understand these technologies and use attack methods (such as changing domains and various forms of obfuscation in files and delivering them inside archives like zip files) that allow their threats to go undetected with regular success.

How do Trinity Cyber solutions improve my security and protection?

Modern cyber threats go undetected with regularity, and block or alert does not provide adequate protection. Trinity Cyber services, built upon the Trinity Cyber Engine, can find, mitigate and prevent threats that others miss. In less than a millisecond and in both directions, the Trinity Cyber Engine detects and stops attacker TTPs. As a result, entire families of malicious threats that are often missed by traditional detect-and-respond systems are neutralized automatically.

What are TTPs and why do they have to do with mitigating and preventing cyber attacks?

Stopping attacker tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) is critical to mitigating and preventing modern cyber attacks, and they cannot be “blocked.” Instead of always chasing remedies for the latest individual threats, the Trinity Cyber Engine detects and defeats attacker TTPs, neutralizing entire classes of ransomware, C2 and other malicious threats before they can fully execute.

How do Trinity Cyber services reduce false positives and alert fatigue?

The Trinity Cyber Engine stages every Internet session, de-obfuscates content, and parses protocols and files to their sub-objects, bidirectionally. This provides in a contextual view that expose encoding, evasion, CVE exploits, and TTPs used by attackers. It also delivers a 0.03% False Detection Rate, so false positives are a non-issue.

How do Trinity Cyber services reduce incident response workload?

The Trinity Cyber Engine’s unique ability to deeply inspect full session Internet traffic —at line rate speed and in both directions—accurately exposes threat content inline that others miss. Its detection is so accurate that chasing alerts that are ultimately false positives are a thing of the past. It can also precisely replace, remove or modify malicious content or hacking techniques automatically to defeat and prevent threats, without the need for manual incident response or interaction. The session is then re-rendered and clean traffic delivered to its destination, preserving business operations and continuity.​

What expertise does Trinity Cyber provide to help protect my organization?

Trinity Cyber’s threat analysis and operations teams bring unparalleled expertise gained over decades operating and protecting the most sensitive networks in the nation. We are constantly improving our cybersecurity capabilities with agility and speed, and our deployed enhancements benefit all customers. In addition, the management team and technologists are all award-winning, recognized leaders in their field, and all are focused on protecting customers.

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