Intercepting Hacks, Controlling Outcomes

Preventive Control

Proactive Threat Interference®

Proactive Threat Interference® intercepts adversary operations and provides Trinity Cyber clients the first truly preventive control on the cybersecurity market. Industry best practices currently rely on reactive, internally focused detective controls and costly remediation. Trinity Cyber's capabilities provide a fundamentally new approach to cybersecurity risk mitigation and compliance.

CEO & Co-founder Steve Ryan

Stopping Bad Guys

Trinity Cyber is all about stopping bad guys—it’s all we think about. What are they doing? How are they doing it? And how do we effectively get in their way?

Unique Service

Redefining Cybersecurity

It’s time to look at the cybersecurity problem through a different lens. Trinity Cyber intercepts and neutralizes cyber threats before they reach a client’s enterprise, period. We don’t block. We control outcomes and we reduce risk to your enterprise. No one does what Trinity Cyber is doing—adversary interference.

Creating a New Market
  • Adversary Interference: focusing on the threat, not the endpoints
  • Multi-protocol, bidirectional
  • Invisible, customized, and automated adversary-focused actions
  • Patent-pending, recursive, full-session scan engine
  • A detective and truly preventive control, independent of ever-changing enterprise configurations
Experienced Team
  • Designed, fielded, and operated by an elite team
  • An approach conceived to protect the most sensitive, large-scale government networks
  • Technology generations beyond what’s in use today
  • A company composed of the foremost technologists and leaders in adversary interference
24/7 Operations
  • Customized services and effects
  • NOC and SOC integration and support
  • Real-time, client-specific portal
  • Full, rich-context reporting on threats and interference operations
  • Demonstrating real-time ROI and reduced enterprise risk
President & Co-founder Neill Sciarrone

Volume, Velocity & Variety

The volume, velocity, and variety of cyber attacks are all on the rise. At the same time, so is the number of endpoints in a vulnerable corporate network. How do we protect more with less? Trinity Cyber turns it around to focus on the adversary.

Proven Model

Delivering Value

Trinity Cyber provides advanced cybersecurity services by running in-line, technology-enabled operations to surreptitiously detect and neutralize malicious traffic outside your network. Our technology is hosted and operated on a segregated network. We do not offer cloud-based services. Our operations are run on Trinity Cyber owned hardware housed in Trinity Cyber controlled spaces in data centers around the nation.

Subscription Based
  • Technology Enabled Operations: we do not deliver software, hardware, or cloud services
  • Delivered in a SaaS model, charged on a subscription basis
  • Client-specific, 24/7 support from a dedicated operations center staffed by actual geniuses
Easy to Manage
  • Complementary to existing security operations
  • No install base (hardware or software) necessary within the client’s infrastructure
  • Agnostic to the complexity of your network or the age of your systems
  • Simplifies securing routers, servers, IoT, and control systems
Predictable Pricing
  • Internet-traffic volume-based pricing
  • Price does not vary based on endpoints or users, offering predictability to fast-growing companies
  • A model ideal for companies going through mergers and acquisitions
Chief Strategy Officer Thomas P. Bossert

Frustrating the Adversary

Trinity Cyber is taking a fundamentally different approach to cybersecurity. We’re frustrating the adversary, adding an extra degree of preventive controls, and getting in front of the nation-state level attacks that U.S. companies are facing today.

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