Remote Resident Engineer

Trinity Cyber is a leading developer and provider of advanced cybersecurity technologies and services. Our breakthrough core technology can deeply, quickly, and precisely interrogate and transform Internet sessions, creating a family of products and services. As a secure edge, our system automatically identifies, neutralizes, and transforms malicious Internet traffic in line and at line speed with granularity and precision beyond other cybersecurity technologies. As an API-driven file inspection platform, it delivers sub-second conviction results and metadata to third-party providers like email security and packet capture vendors. It can also deliver rapid file context and content to cybersecurity analysts. Our customers and go-to-market partners are growing and span multiple industries.

To be a dedicated engineering resource and problem solver supporting a major, multi-national customer (or customers), ensuring Trinity Cyber technology enabled services are properly installed and configured and that production and service delivery is achieved and maintained. Provide technical and product expertise, design guidance, and troubleshooting support to Customer and Company teams to include being on-call at night and on weekends for emergency customer support. Work closely with Trinity Cyber’s Sales, Customer Support, Analysis and Engineering teams to achieve common goals. This role can be performed remotely, may involve occasional travel.

  • Be the expert on Trinity Cyber’s system supporting the customer. This includes data flow, system health and performance, and system configuration but may also include security posture and threat prevention performance.
  • Respond as first line of assistance when the customer is unable to solve problems on their own – provide initial root cause analysis for discovered issues. Proactively escalate to appropriate Trinity Cyber staff if the issue cannot be resolved locally.
  • Assist the customer with day-to-day operational support, systems troubleshooting, and various service enhancements.
  • Plan for and notify the customer of system software upgrades, including conducting impact analysis. Educate customer on new features.
  • Be a technical liaison between the customer and Trinity Cyber engineering and analyst teams.
  • Review designs, documentation, and other changes with appropriate stakeholders within Company and the customer and incorporate improvement feedback.
  • Use scripting and/or programming skills to automate routine procedures, generate custom data analysis, or provide integration.
  • Understand customer’s use of, reliance on, and desires of Trinity Cyber’s products and services. Regularly relay this information to the Trinity Cyber product and customer success teams for new feature development and customer care support.
  • Develop and maintain in-depth technical and product knowledge of Company solutions.
  • Contribute to development and automation of internal tooling during downtime.

An ideal candidate would possess the following combination of skill sets:

  • MUST be able to program in Python to automate network management.
  • Able to read and follow C++ code to assist core engineering with trace debugging as required to address customer issues.
  • Familiarity with multi-developer environments, version control (git), agile configuration management and code review, etc., would be beneficial.
  • Strong ability to self-prioritize workload based on company objectives, customer requests, and the potential for unforeseen externalities.
  • Ability to exercise critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills while making reasonable assumptions, including when and how to validate them, when readily available information may be disjointed or missing.
  • Experience working with customers, consultants and team leads, navigating customer’s internal processes and controls.
  • Able to digest internal technical findings and present them to the customer in a clear, concise, and tactful manner.
  • Proven history of effective customer communication under emergency outage conditions.
  • Able to determine logical and physical traffic flows in complex networking environments.
  • Familiarity with industry standard security concepts: policy controls, threat prevention, IoCs vs content-based approaches, Mitre ATT&CK framework, etc.
  • Triage, remediation, and RCA of non-specific customer experience issues.
    • Clarification, data collection, and hypothesis formation.
    • Multi-environment PCAP, log, and metrics collection and analysis.
  • Have a well-rounded understanding of all OSI layers and an in-depth understanding of fundamentals from network to application for major internet protocols and services:
    • L1, L2. and L3 networking.
    • Firewalls - multiple vendors, load balancers, and ADCs.
    • SSL decryption (F5 SSLO, PANW NPB), certificate pinning, CA chain management.
    • Network applications: HTTP(S) servers and browsers, load balancers, SSH/FTP/SMTP/SNMP/etc. servers and clients.
  • Use of networking troubleshooting tools: ping, tracert/tracepath, nmap, tcpdump/wireshark, netcat, tcpkali, netstat/ifconfig/arp/arping/iproute2, openssl CLI, iperf, certutil, keytool, etc.
  • Familiarity with technologies and processes employed by Trinity Cyber: Juniper/Junos (QFX5K), Palo Alto Networks (NGFW, Panorama), Linux (RHEL 7/8/9 derivatives), ELK stack, TIG stack, F5 BIG-IP SSLO/BIG-IQ Atlassian suite (Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket), Puppet, Foreman, Nautobot, agile development methodologies.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or related field and approximately ten years of industry experience is preferred. In lieu of a degree, a combination of education and related years of work experience that provides the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the essential job functions would be acceptable.

The preferred candidate would also have some of the following knowledge and experience:

  • Mix of ISP, MS(S)P, data center, campus/wireless, and public cloud experience.
  • Familiarity with Overlay Networking technologies (EVPN/VXLAN, EVPN/MPLS, VMware NSX-T).
  • Kubernetes Administration.
  • Some knowledge of multiple vendors and device types not used by Trinity Cyber but used by our customers (Cisco, Arista, Fortinet, Checkpoint, A10, etc.)

All candidates must possess the highest level of personal integrity, value team success over individual achievement, have the ability to contribute significantly to extending a culture of collaboration, both internally and externally, in order to maintain the superior reputation of Trinity Cyber - and enjoy having fun.