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With Trinity Cyber, manufacturers increase their security posture with:

  • An enduring solution that hackers cannot easily evade
  • Optimal threat mitigation that goes far beyond blocking and alerting
  • Automated vulnerability mitigation
  • Reduced alert fatigue/false positives
  • Zero third-party supply chain risk


Manufacturing customers know they are well-defended by Trinity Cyber with:

  • Less risk. Less risk of getting hacked. Less risk of losing data. And less compliance risk.
  • Speed. The Trinity Cyber technology completes the entire detection, response, and remediation cycle in a single real-time movement
  • Accuracy. Because the technology is frequently 1,000 times more accurate than any other network control, security teams waste less time
  • Ease-of-implementation. Get started in three simple steps. Make Trinity Cyber your path to the internet, install a Trinity Cyber certificate, and log into the portal to watch Trinity Cyber protect your network like no other company can.