Better Detection, Higher Accuracy and More Attacks Defeated

Trinity Cyber redefined what’s possible at the network edge. The company invented the ability to perform Full Content Inspection and Mitigation on live internet traffic. It can open, scan, apply a mitigation action, and rebuild full-session internet traffic (protocol fields and files) in both directions, inline, and in context to mitigate actual threat content before it becomes an incident or loss.


It works better and saves you significant work. The company runs a high availability, fully managed cybersecurity detection and prevention operation as a service. You get clean traffic, with reports not alerts. It radically reduces risk, alert fatigue, and false positives. It outperforms and replaces (or complements) every SASE solution on the market, especially SWGs, WAFs, and IPSs.

An easy, affordable subscription that accommodates all budgets and business sizes. Trinity Cyber sells in four subscription tiers. Unlimited seats for enhancing or replacing your SWG with a forward proxy to Trinity Cyber. Unlimited domains for enhancing or replacing your WAF with a reverse proxy to Trinity Cyber. Internet gateway security that matches usage with IPSec tunnels or data center cross connects to Trinity Cyber. Only pay for what you use. The annoying price models have died along with the old technologies that Trinity Cyber replaces. Pick as many connection options as necessary to add security at every point that connects to the internet. Then watch as the Trinity Cyber team and technologies go to work for you.


Our Profound Difference

  • To make network security relevant again, we reinvented it
  • The best anti-hacking capability on the market, bar none—and we can prove it
  • Superior detection
  • Real and automated prevention

David Bianco’s "Pyramid of Pain" is often depicted to show which indicators are the most valuable for security teams. Trinity Cyber detects and prevents the indicators at the top of the pyramid. We are truly a game changer. 


Forget Seats. Forget Licenses. Discover Pure Value.

Start Using Trinity Cyber, Stop Getting Hacked.