Defeating Nation-State Attackers Required a Better IPS

You are a Target for Nation-State Attackers: Your IPS is Overmatched

Nation-state attackers and cybercriminals are targeting any company that makes money or contributes to society, limited only by their own priorities not your profile, size, or market segment. These adversaries are well resourced, highly skilled, well funded, and formidable in their capabilities. Disruption and sabotage and the opportunity to make illicit profit from criminal behavior are all common motives, and enterprises and government agencies are targets. Existing security technologies such as IPS provide inadequate detection and prevention from today’s cyber attacks; the technology on which they are based is well understood and easily outmaneuvered by advanced attacker techniques.

Trinity Cyber has innovated a revolutionary technology all these problems. It protects organizations from advanced nation-state attacker and other cybercriminal threats in a way that other traditional solutions like IPS cannot – by truly exposing and preventing the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) they use in real time, bidirectionally, with a near zero False Detection Rate. Please download our paper and learn more how we see more, do more and stop more to defeat nation-state attackers.

Trinity Cyber’s breakthrough technology detects and defeats nation-state level attacks and lets you see more, do more and stop more.

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