Exposing CurveBall

Elliptic Curve Cryptography-Based Certificate Spoofing (CVE-2020-0601)


Threat Defense Maneuver: Block

Trinity Cyber Threat Detection experts are continuously developing an effective set of response maneuvers to control the desired outcome to known cyber threats. 

An example of a Threat Defense Maneuver is Blocking. By employing Blocking to the threat attacker penetrating the network, companies can best prevent the CurveBall vulnerability in Windows operating system from being exploited. This vulnerability allows adversaries to create fraudulent (“spoofed”) Certificate Authority (CA) certificates. CAs are the top portion of the pyramid of digital-certificate trust. Properly validated CAs ensure corporations such as Microsoft can cryptographically trust certificates in the downstream chain.

Read this Threat Brief to learn: 

  1. How to prevent Certificate Spoofing
  2. How to block the network session before an attack can exploit the vulnerability

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