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Trinity Cyber works closely with critical infrastructure and utility operators to ensure their systems are fortified with its powerful new capability.

How so? By opening and fully inspecting network traffic—not bytes and packets—to more accurately and reliably identify threats, tactics, and procedures - which no other network solution can do - and actively neutralizing malware and exploits, and interfering with command and control (C2).

Trinity Cyber developed the first technology capable of opening, examining, editing, and rebuilding internet traffic out to the application layer inline. The company is introducing to the market full content inspection and control. It is a gamechanger. It exposes and thwarts actual threat content with an average processing speed of less than a single millisecond. Such fast and precise session inspection and editing delivers real-time detection and response, dramatically enhancing security while greatly reducing noise, false positives, and customer burden - not to mention a significant increase in real security. This system produces preventive results, not alerts. 


"Thousands of residents, businesses and organizations across counties in Pennsylvania and Maryland rely on us for power and energy. Trinity Cyber has made it very simple for us to deploy, use, and configure their powerful protection and threat mitigation capabilities.

And because Trinity Cyber’s service is fully managed and operated by their experts, we’ve been able to set it and forget it knowing that our cybersecurity protections will adapt and evolve as needed keeping our customers and critical infrastructure safe."


Gary Gindlesperger, IT Manager

Somerset Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.