Citrix ADC
Remote Exploits Wreak Havoc on Citrix Infrastructure

Threat Defense Maneuver: PROTOCOL ALTERATION

Trinity Cyber Threat Detection experts are continuously developing an effective set of response maneuvers to control the desired outcome to known cyber threats.

An example of a Threat Defense Maneuver is Protocol Alteration. By employing Protocol Alteration prior to the threat attacker penetrating the network, companies can best protect from Citrix ADC vulnerabilities from being exploited. Adversaries use different exploitation techniques—from cross site scripting (XSS) to information disclosure to unauthenticated web-endpoint access—and often combine them in attacks against global ADC infrastructure.

Read this Threat Brief to learn:

  1. How to detect Citrix ADC exploits
  2. How to use a protocol alteration to neutralize the attack



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