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With Trinity Cyber, financial services institutions significantly expand their defensive posture with:

  • Optimal threat mitigation to go far beyond blocking and alerting
  • Automated vulnerability migitation
  • Reduced alert fatigue/false positives
  • Zero third-party supply chain risk


At Trinity Cyber, we like to say that we do uncommon things in a sea of common solutions. What does this mean for our banking and finance customers?

  • Less risk. Less risk of getting hacked. Less risk of losing data. And less compliance risk
  • Speed. The Trinity Cyber technology completes the entire detection, response, and remediation cycle in a single real-time movement
  • Accuracy. Because the technology is more accurate - often by 1000x - than any other network control, security teams waste less time
  • Ease-of-implementation. Get it going in three simple steps … Step 1: Choose any connection option to make Trinity Cyber your path to the internet. Step 2: Accept or install a Trinity Cyber certificate. Step 3: Log into the portal … The capability and event triage are fully-managed services – considerably reducing work for security teams.