Next-Level Intrusion Prevention

From Trinity Cyber

Real Time Removal of Threats and Techniques Before They Attack

Trinity Cyber has uniquely blended endpoint and network capabilities with innovative technology to defeat both the threats and techniques used by hackers at a near zero false positive rate and at an average latency of less than one millisecond. We fully stage, parse and deeply inspect network traffic inline (not in a sandbox) in context, with endpoint and application layer fidelity, before it enters or leaves a customer’s control. At the same time, our automated processes remove or alter malicious content from files and protocol fields at speed and scale to affect the outcome in favor of our customers.

We provide preventive control capabilities as a service to deliver clean traffic and files, inline with no noticeable latency to customers so they can run their business confidently and securely.

Trinity Cyber gives customers the advantage in the Attacker/Defender equation.


"Innovation was needed to reverse the trend. Trinity Cyber invented a fundamentally new approach that identifies threats and techniques and strips them right out of network traffic."

—Steve Ryan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trinity Cyber

Flagship Intrusion Prevention Service
Addresses Threats—and Their Techniques

Trinity Cyber’s Flagship service uncovers and defeats the techniques, strategies and methods used by the attackers. Because many individual attacks share similar techniques for delivery, Trinity Cyber can prevent known and unknown payloads.

When an attacker takes advantage of a newly published vulnerability, enterprise and government agency IT and security teams face the daunting task of identifying and patching affected systems. Quite often, there are systems that cannot be patched because of budgetary constraints, software compatibility issues or other challenges. Our Flagship service defeats entire categories and families of threats at their root cause and many common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) regardless of their placement.

Alternatively, when a newly published vulnerability is observed in network traffic, Trinity Cyber tunes its technology and service to defeat it so that our service will address any attempt to exploit so it fails. While customers should still patch with the Trinity Cyber Flagship service in place, they can do so in a planned, thoughtful and operationally organized manner.

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Breakthrough Technology

Trinity Cyber leverages leading-edge technology and delivers highly advanced, active-intrusion prevention as a fully managed service to customers. We operate our advanced technology, and our customers receive clean traffic and safe connections to the Internet so they can run their businesses confidently and securely.

We work cooperatively with our customers and their SOC teams to understand their threat strategy and tolerance. We then work with them to craft the appropriate automatic actions that are consistent with supporting their security strategy and operational goals.

Our full-service solution includes dedicated active detection and mitigation services as well as access to Trinity Cyber’s API-driven Client Portal, where customers can find details and descriptions of the automated actions taken on their behalf. Of course, technical support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure your network traffic stays protected.

We deliver our service by moving identified customer traffic through a Trinity Cyber service edge architecture and managed out-of-band. Trinity Cyber’s service is deployed and operated outside a customer’s traditional security perimeter, protecting that perimeter and sitting invisibly between the customer’s network and the Internet. From this position, we secure and protect all inbound and outbound network traffic, working cooperatively with and for the customer’s SOC team to protect network traffic and help ensure business continuity.

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A Diverse, Veteran Team of Cybersecurity Experts

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Trinity Cyber was formed by security experts who recognized the limitations of traditional approaches to cybersecurity strategies and tactics that allowed adversaries to gain the advantage. They felt strongly that enterprise and government agency customers needed and required a better way to run their business confidently and securely. Collectively, the technical team took on the challenge. Collectively, this team has delivered and launched into the market leading-edge security services that are built upon a repertoire of creative methods to undermine malicious tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by some of the most advanced adversaries in cyberspace.

Trinity Cyber Case Study

Obfuscated JavaScript

As an example, Trinity Cyber’s Flagship service capabilities thwarted a sophisticated attempt to steal credit card information via an attempted JavaScript exploit.  We initiated six different actions against card-skimming JavaScript that had been served to both Chrome and iOS Safari browsers. The delivery mechanism was through a legitimate e-commerce site that had been previously and unknowingly compromised. To learn more, please click the buttons below:

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