Solutions for File-Based Threats

From ransomware to remote access trojans, many cyberattacks begin with compromised files. Given the huge number of files an organization receives and sends in a given day, it's no surprise that many customers struggle to protect themselves from attacks launched from compromised files, especially those that are not identified using traditional hash or indicators of compromise (IOC) approaches.

TC:File is an API-based file submission service offered on a subscription basis. It uncovers and detects file exploits, malware and obfuscation techniques within file content in context, where they truly exist. It is powered by the Trinity Cyber Engine and offered via the web from our data centers. TC:File rapidly identifies corrupt files and protects customers from file-based threats. It is a faster, more cost effective and more precise alternative to sandboxes, CDR, and post-incident forensic tools.

Customers can access TC:File by submitting files to the Trinity Cyber Engine, either individually or in bulk via API.

How TC:File Works
Sub-second Results with Exceptional Accuracy

TC:File Has 3 Service Options for Customers:


Email security and productivity platforms providers can OEM TC:File Verdict to spot malicious attachments. With TC:File Verdict, customers load their file submissions to the Trinity Cyber Engine via an API. Verdicts on the presence of maliciousness within files is available nearly instantaneously, along with tagging information which labels and categorizes the malicious threat discovered by TC:File Verdict. Pricing is subscription-based, tiered and based upon the number of files that are processed over a period of time.


TC:File Forensics is a powerful analyst tool that provides all of the information from our TC:File Verdict offering plus adds additional metadata on every file we parse. TC:File Forensics offers incredible speed and accuracy, making it a superior, highly precise and extremely cost effective analyst tool. Pricing is subscription-based, tiered and based upon the number of files that are processed over a period of time.


TC:File Clean is a malicious document cleaning service that delivers to the customer a safe, usable file – not a facsimile. It can remove malware or other malicious from a file, "sanitizing" it, and return a clean version of the file, free of malware. This file is now safe for users to engage and share.

TC:File At a Glance

  • 3 different service options to meet the file-based threat insight needs of any organization
  • Individual or multiple file submission (via API) to the Trinity Cyber Engine for file analysis
  • Sub-second verdict returned on the presence of maliciousness or file corruption on most files with exceptional accuracy
  • Fully managed, operated and maintained subscription service from Trinity Cyber to streamline customer use and implementation

Ready to Acquire TC:File?

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  • TC:File is offered as a subscription service to customers
  • Subscriptions are available on an annual or multi-year term
  • TC:File is fully managed, supported and operated by Trinity Cyber
  • Pricing is based upon the volume of files that are processed and analyzed by the Trinity Cyber Engine over a period of time

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Trinity Cyber Engine: Powering the TC:File Service Line

Many cyber attacks begin with file-based threats. Considering the enormous number of files an organization and all of its users interact with on a daily basis, it's no wonder that protection against file-based threats is a significant challenge. The Trinity Cyber Engine's highly advanced inspection capabilities detect and reveal file exploits, malware and obfuscation techniques used by attackers in specific files. It is a faster and much more precise alternative to traditional approaches such as sandboxing, CDR and forensic tools. The Trinity Cyber Engine defeats many obfuscation techniques used by attackers and parses files down to their sub objects. Our method exposes the actual exploitive conditions hidden deeply within content by the attacker and does not rely upon indicators as others do. We expose the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by cybercriminals in file-based attacks. As a result, the Trinity Cyber Engine’s incredible accuracy detects malicious behavior within files as well as the TTPs used that are often undetected by other technologies, leaving organizations potentially compromised and vulnerable. TC:File delivers sub-second verdicts on malicious files, highly valuable metadata for every parsed sub-object, a parsing view of the file for forensics, and other threat intelligence information.

Trinity Cyber's Experts Help You Detect and Mitigate File-based Attacks

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Trinity Cyber deeply understands the challenges and intricacies of protecting organizations from file-based threats. Our team of cybersecurity experts are some of the most skilled professionals in the industry. We have decades of experience managing and operating the most sensitive and demanding networks in both the public and private sectors, and we apply this experience and expertise in designing, operating and maintaining TC:File services. Our experts reduce strain for our customers by providing fast and accurate insights into file-based threats. As a result, we keep our customers, their data, and their infrastructure protected in ways others cannot.